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We all know that reading is good for you. But as is often the case that we had free time. We take up a book, and there is such a haze that the best thing to do in such a situation is to close it and remove on the top shelf. But there are people who read constantly and they really get great pleasure from the process. Maybe we have something to read? We have selected a few pieces that will force you to take another look at reading in General and books in particular. - "War and peace" – Leo Tolstoy – novel epic, describing Russian society in the era of the wars against Napoleon in the years 1805-1812. - "The catcher in the rye" Jerome D. Salinger – the novel on behalf of 16-year-old boy Holden in a very blatant form tells about his heightened perception of reality and the American rejection of the General canons and morality of modern society. - "The invisible man" – Ralph Ellison's only finished novel by Ralph Ellison, the African-American writer, literary critic and literary critic. The novel deals with the search for identity and place in society. - "Catch-22" – Joseph Heller – 1944. On the island of Pianosa in the Tyrrhenian sea housed bomber regiment, the U.S. air force, which serve as captain Yossarian, the protagonist of the novel, and his colleagues.

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